Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd plane

Established in 1969, Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd provide services as a major stockist, distributor and broker to the world's commercial and military aviation industry. They have developed a renowned reputation worldwide in the aviation industry. Since starting off as a small family business they have grown, extending their inventory and accumulating distributorships to meet the demands of their customers.

The Queen's Award

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd have been awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for giving outstanding support to overseas customers. It is the most prominent corporate accolade that a UK business can achieve.

Hayward & Green Aviation Ltd keeps the same core principles as those that it was founded upon 40 years ago: to stay at the forefront of the aviation spares industry through the continual expansion of stock. Their small team of dedicated aviation professionals have engineering expertise in avionics and electrical systems, engine systems, hydraulics and fluid dynamics.

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