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Established in 1985, Glossbrook Builders Ltd promote the traditional house-building values of reliability, quality and service. They utilise the best modern technology, superior materials and the latest build system controls.

A house, flat or luxury apartment mean more to Glossbrook Builders Ltd than just bricks and mortar. They recognise them as homes to be lived in and enjoyed. Glossbrook Builders Ltd want their customers to feel safe and happy in a place where you can raise families or enjoy a well-earned retirement. Because of this, they are determined to produce work of the highest quality.

Reliable and professional

The more Glossbrook Builders Ltd's reputation grew, the more seriously they took their commitment to produce high quality work. As a result, they have attained a high profile for reliability and professionalism, which has been rewarded by an ever-growing demand for their expertise in projects in anything from a house to a complex industrial unit.

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